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Adult Diabetes A Disease Of Choices

We don't tend to think that when we munch a juicy burger, supplemented by crisp fries and an icy cold drink that we are munching diabetes, in fact that very idea is rather revolting isn't it? Yet, there is more truth in it than we may like to acknowledge. Diabetes is a disease of lifestyle ' more specifically, it is the result of lifestyle choices. Lifestyle choices include what we choose to put in our mouths and how much exercise we give our bodies. If we choose poorly, we will get poor results. If we choose to do those things that are risk factors for Adult Diabetes (Diabetes Type 2), then we are choosing diabetes. Ignorance is no excuse under the law of the human body.

Certain causes equal certain effects no matter how we might think otherwise. Experts have linked diabetes to diets high in processed foods and low in raw foods, high in sugar and fat and low in fiber, and poor water drinking habits (instead preferring other fluid intake). They also link diabetes to inactivity and obesity.

These factors can be controlled. They are not genetic and they are not 'caught'. This is actually good news because it means that diabetes can be avoided along with all the risks attached to it, such as blindness, amputation of limbs, chronic kidney disease and others. Even if a person has abused their body over a prolonged period of time and is a likely candidate for diabetes, they can turn it around and change their future by changing their lifestyle now. If they start walking every day, make sure they drink plenty of pure water, eat plenty of raw foods and avoid processed, sugary and fatty foods, their body will begin to recover. Even if a person already has diabetes, these changes can alleviate the symptoms and reduce the risk of serious complications that are possible with diabetes.

Blood sugar levels can be kept at a normal level and general health and well being will improve. Yes, diabetes is a disease of choice. It may not be conscious, but it is the outcome of lifestyle choices that can be changed. Diabetes can be defeated, not with drugs but with decisions.

We all need to wake up and pay attention to the consequences of living a normal western lifestyle. Just because it is accepted, doesn't make it right. We are all entitled to live a healthy and stable life, but to do this, we must begin swimming against the current and say 'no' to western lifestyle pressures and 'yes' to natural, healthy choices.

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