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Aerobics for weight loss

A very significant mode of acquiring weight loss is by undertaking a proper exercising regimen and aerobics have proved to be extremely beneficial in these cases. The process of aerobic exercising and even the term itself was developed by Kenneth H Cooper and Col. Pauline Potts and it was these two gentlemen who first realized the importance of the utilization of oxygen in the process of energy generation by muscles and thereby its relation to body weight. It was an extensive scientific study that was carried out by them and the result was a book named 'Aerobics' which was released in the late 1960s and became a widespread success. It is necessary to point out at the very beginning that there are certain basic differences between the meanings of aerobics and aerobic exercise as a whole.

This is because the term aerobics refers to only a particular form of aerobic exercising and not entirely the whole of it. The term 'aerobic' means 'with oxygen' and here it refers to the entire process of energy generation within the various muscles of the body and consequently the use of oxygen in this mechanism. Aerobic exercising is usually adopted for a long term period and it is extremely effective in facilitating weight loss.

The exercise schedule is also not very hectic and it begins with a short warm-up for about 10 minutes to accustom the body and this is followed by about 20 minutes of rigorous exercising once the body has adopted itself in the exercising mode. After this, the body is allowed to relax and the session in over after another 10 minutes. There are various forms of exercises which can be easily regarded as being a kind of aerobic exercise like running. During aerobic exercising, the glycogen within the body is broken down to form glucose and in the absence of this the metabolisms of fats get initiated.

Aerobic exercising not only aids in maintaining a perfect and toned body structure, it also minimizes the various risks that the body is exposed to as a result of obesity and the accumulation of excessive fat. These include the regulation of blood circulation ensuring reduced blood pressure, maintaining the heart rate, facilitating the functioning of the lungs by allowing swift respiration and also increasing the red blood cell content within the body. However at times it has been alleged that since aerobic exercising does not increase the basal metabolic rate it is not very effective in causing weight loss.

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