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CHF And Depression Effective Treatments

Congestive heart failure, or CHF, is among the most common chronic diseases in the United States. Almost five million individuals suffer from this condition, and 500,000 others develop it each year. This disease may be mild, or it may become quite severe and impair daily living. People with CHF undergo many deviations from their usual daily activities. They must take medicines to decrease water buildup and to reduce the exertion of their heart muscle. Many of these result in anxiety and exhaustion.

These drugs may also impair physical relationships with a life partner. Another struggle that persons with CHF encounter is the requirement for significant diet changes. Many must quit eating beef, stay away from meals with a lot of fats or sodium, or limit the amount of liquids they drink each day.

These people are instructed to diet and work to keep their bodies as fit as possible. The truth is, however, individuals with CHF no longer possess as much physical endurance as they previously did. Rather, they must watch while friends and relatives play volleyball, swim, or jog. This causes isolation and inadequacy. In addition, many sufferers grieve losing of physical strength and energy.

Many patients who encounter this but are not yet of retirement age also have to quit working. In addition to causing money problems and depression, this can increase emotions of separation and seclusion. They are completely alone. Instead of chatting with the person at the next desk, they stare at the television while everyone else continues their live.

Occasionally, sufferers take anti-depressant or anxiety medicines to cope with these issues. Others choose counseling or group treatment to assist them with fulfilling belongingness needs and working through the grief induced through their freshly changed lifestyles. A better way of dealing with this type of depression, however, has gained recent attention and gained practically immediate popularity among clients who have trialed it. Furthermore, unlike medicines or psychotherapy, this technique is quite inexpensive. Clients can learn its use without encountering additional financial hardship.

This technique, which involves a combination of Ericksonian hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), aids individuals to begin to relax and find peace and tranquility in their daily lives. These therapies teach individuals to accept the new restrictions of life with CHF while aiding them to continue living life to the fullest extent that they are able. Even depressed moods that result from drugs can be painlessly treated with the proper use of the techniques available through hypnosis and NLP. Two such strategies are anchoring and the Flash.

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy is often known as conversational hypnosis. It offers techniques for providing post-hypnotic ideas embedded in a discussion or figure of speech. The positive aspect of this method is that it eliminates the subconscious opposition to directly suggested actions that is nearly always encountered when using more conventional forms of hypnotherapy. With anchoring, hypnotists and NLP Practitioners instruct clients to focus on happy thoughts and situations from the past where they felt relaxed and in control.

As the client becomes engrossed in these memories, they can re-experience those positive feelings. The person then learns to make a physical anchor for these feelings by placing two fingers in contact with one another. The unconscious mind creates a link between the physical touch of these two fingers, and the positive feelings. Later, upon encountering a stressful or upsetting moment, an anchor is triggered through placing together these same two fingers, re-creating emotions of peace and tranquility.

The Flash method is also quite useful to individuals who are working to conquer depression. The Flash technique programs the mind to automatically use the negative thoughts that are causing stress and sadness, as triggers for positive thoughts that will create relaxation and tranquility. With practice, clients soon find themselves nearly unable to have negative thoughts! Summary: People with CHF typically encounter sadness as a result of mourning the loss of their physical health and well-being. Other elements that can help cause depression are medications and financial stresses. Both Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and NLP offer superior strategies for helping individuals to cope with sadness without being forced to expend enormous quantities of time and money.

Alan B. Densky, CH is a certified hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. He has helped thousands of clients since 1978. He offers CDs for hypnotic depression therapy. Visit his Neuro-VISION self development website for the hypnosis article library, or watch his free video hypnosis collection. http://www.neuro-vision.us/Hypnosis-Article-Index.html

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