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Five Tips to a Healthy and Fitter You

As they say Health is Wealth and everyone knows that health is important however we still do not move ourselves enough to get fit and healthy.

Here are my four simple tips for you to remain fit and healthy. These tips are intended to provide you with a healthier lifestyle and will help you lead a better life by staying fit. These tips tell you to eat properly, try good living and also kick some bad habits.

Control what you eat: Eating healthy is of prime importance.

That means usually saying no to junk food. If you are the habit of eating junk food then kick that habit out. I know that it is not easy to kick that habit and that is why the best bet is to go step by step which means have a plan ready to kick that habit. It is said that it takes 21 days to make a shift from a habit to another one.

So lay out a 21 day plan and make sure to throw out at least part of the meal which is junk. So for example if you eat fires on a daily basis, change that to alternate day. Or, if you have soda about 8 times a day then cut it to 4 times and each of these incremental cuts will help.

Quit bad habits: One of the prime reasons for problems related to lungs and chest and other areas is smoking. So quit smoking.

Very tough habit to kick out but the most effective one as far as your health goes. It is never too late to quit it and again go with incremental changes and if you smoke 20 a day make sure that you have only 19 a day for week and then cut back again by two to say 17 a week. These changes will help you control the withdrawal symptoms and also will make you more disciplined.

Think positive: Stress they say is the cause of numerous heart related ailments but also has an adverse impact over a long term period. The key to reduce stress is to think positive. If in your job you are at stress think positively to get out of a situation or make sure to have a chat with your manager and also your family at home to get some relief.

Practice hygiene: Make sure to use hand sanitizer before and after every meal. Make sure to wash hands whenever you can especially after meals. The bacteria cause a lot of illness and in turn affect your health so make sure to get some positive hygiene. For oral hygiene make sure that tooth paste and mouthwash are your best friends

Take to sports and gaming: To improve your health and also to reduce tension take on some sport and play it regularly. Make sure that you reserve an hour a day for sports or related activities like Yoga or Pilates.

I am sure that these tips, if followed, can go a long way in giving you a very healthy life.


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