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How To Buy An Exercise Bicycle

If youre thinking about purchasing an exercise bicycle you should ask yourself a lot of questions. The first one being, were in the world are you going to put it? Bikes arent small and you need a spare corner or a significant chunk of free space to put the machine. Dont let the size discourage you though.

You can find the room, but the amount of room you have will effect the type of exercise bicycle you will buy. There are several kinds of bikes each one with different pros and cons and space requirments. The most common types of bikes are upright, recumbent and semi recumbent.

After you have calculated you available space and style of exercise bicycle you prefer, its time to do your homework. A good place to start is by reading reviews of different models.

Reviews can be found in bike and exercise magazines and on the internet. Of course first hand experience is great. So ask your friends and family that have bikes what they think. Important elements that you should be looking for in reviews are the construction materials, performance and features.

Online reviews have a nice plus in that some of them give discounts on the exercise bicycles they are reviewing. Keep track of the models you are interested in and the best prices you find.

If you decide to buy from a home fitness equipment store, knowing the best prices will give you some price negotiating power.

I cant stress enough how important it is to do your homework and read reviews. You can find out if all those extra features are really worth the extra price. Real user experience will also inform you of any flaws in the equipment and the customer service of different brands.

After youve done your homework you can venture out to see some machines in person.

Take your time and sit on the bike, push all the buttons and check out the features. The bike you select syould be very comfortable and easily adjustable. An uncomfortable bike can put pressure on your lower body. If the bike is uncomfortable you can be sure that you will stop riding it pretty quickly.

Another great way to see bikes in person is to go to the local guy to try them out. If you decide that you dont have room for bike, you still have the option of joining a gym.

Good gyms will have great quality exercise equipment for you to use. This will usually include several types of exercise equipment.

No matter what type of exercise bicycle you decide to buy, the important thing is that they are a great way to get in shape and stay in shape.

It will help you loose weight as well. Riding just a few minutes will improve your cardio for a healthier heart and a healthier life.


About the Author (text)Jeff Thompson rights fitness articles for serveral websites. You can read more about exercise bikes with video guides at http://find-home-fitness-equipment.info/

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