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How To Pick An Abdominal Exercise Machine

When my sister was younger she had great abs because she watched the food that she ate, restricted her intake of fat and did countless ab crunches each day and, although it was very hard work, it was more than worth the effort. All that changed however after she gave birth to her daughter when she suddenly went extremely soft around the middle, developed very visible love handles, and was unable to rid herself of the flab regardless of how many diets she tried. As if that was not bad enough she found that she was unable to do her ab crunches anymore because she had severe chronic back pain.

Nevertheless, she was not prepared to live with being out of shape and she resolved that it was time to check out some abdominal exercise machines. Abdominal exercise machines are designed specifically to concentrate on the abs during exercise and the vast majority of machines copy normal crunch exercises but are much easier on the body. For example, almost everybody does crunch exercises while lying flat on the floor with their hands behind their head which puts them at risk for back and neck injuries. This is not however a problem with abdominal exercise machines because they place limits on your motion and force you to maintain a good posture in order to operate the machine. Consequently these exercise machines are just about foolproof and allow the remainder of your body a break while you are concentrating on your abs.

My sister had seen several television advertisements for exercise machines but was not willing to purchase one solely on the basis of what she had seen on television. She did not wish to hear what professional bodybuilders and actors were paid to tell her but wished to hear what ordinary individuals had to say about these exercisers based upon their own experience. So she searched online and found a lot of consumer reviews of several of the leading abdominal exercise machines. She wanted to ascertain which machines were well-constructed, easy to use, and really worked on sculpting your abs and which machines would just be a waste of her money and time.

She also wished to discover websites where she could purchase the most popular abdominal exercise machines at reasonable prices because these machines are expensive and any discount that she could find would be helpful. One thing that she said to me was that she was very pleased to have read the internet reviews because one of the exercisers that she had been thinking about buying was not very well received by the reviewers. It seems that the machine in question has a couple of significant problems that she would not have found before buying it. Consequently she bought a machine that was a fair way down her list of possible machines but which had nonetheless received great reviews. The good news is that with her machine she can work on her abs three or four times a week without experiencing any of the back pain that she had without it.

Much more importantly, she is now beginning to see a reduction in her waist and should soon be happily back in shape again and feeling very much like her old self.

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