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Hypnotherapy To Stop Smoking Helps Your Pets Too

Are you a smoker? Need an incentive to stop smoking? Have you got pets? Then that much loved pet is your reason to give up smoking and Hypnotherapy can help! Researchers have revealed that pets are affected by passive smoking or in other words second-hand smoke. Cats exposed to cigarette smoke are more likely to have feline lymphoma than those that live in better environment. The risk keeps on increasing with the duration of exposure.

With multiple smokers in the residence the rate grows even more; up to four times if two smokers are present. There are 60% risks of canines living in a smoking family developing lung cancer. residing with smokers exposes long nosed canines as Greyhounds to twice as much risk of developing nose cancer. All types and kinds of pets are affected irrespective of their size and age. However, the very young, the very small and the very old are more susceptible to the adverse effects of second-hand smoke.

Passive smoking contributes to a lot of pet illnesses as when the smoker exhales; the air is filled with injurious smoke. Cigarette fumes can have a deleterious effect on the blood vessels in the eyes leading to irritation. Smoke can harm the sensitive lungs in a pet. In addition, the harmful fumes can trigger a cold that can cause more serious, life-threatening conditions in your pet. Since animals have a shorter esophagus than man smoke inspiration rapidly irritates the pet's throat. A cat's hair constantly traps huge quantities of smoke particles just like rugs, furniture and clothes.

The cat takes in these concentrated particles from his fur and skin while sprucing which triggers lymphoma in the nasal cavities and gut in addition to the chest. Pets can be allergic to smoke too. The stink of cigarette smoke is extremely unpleasant for pets more so for they have a acute sense of smell. Allergic conditions like asthma, bronchitis etc can be worsened by inhaling second hand smoke. So even though you may be unsure about calling a Hypnotherapist to help you stop smoking, you should seriously consider Hypnosis the next time you smoke, because think of the poison you are forcing into your adorable best friend.

David is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and is the author of Essex Hypnotherapy. You can find more articles at 4u4life.co.uk.

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