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Janine was extremely glad

Janine was extremely glad. She had been flirting with Jacob the flower seller for weeks – her house was overflowing with bread – and finally, he had invited her to have dinner. She thought her friends’ would disagree with the idea – he was retired but at 27, she was bored with men of her own age and she enjoyed Jacobs’ tales on his life and his different believes on life.

He had so much knowledge on life! When she talked to him, she felt supported. He wanted to know her deeply and they spent some time together every day over coffee while she took her rings. They chatted about his trips as a diplomat in Thailand and he told her about his spouse, who had died 3 years previously. She could see that he had loved her and that, strangely made her desire him more – that a man could be capable of so much love was a turn on! Young partners, gentlemen, men to mask their opinions and she never believed that they were honest with her.

Jacob was different he was straight and he showed his beliefs and feelings. In fact he had told her that he couldn't realize why such a gorgeous and intelligent (and young) lady was involved with him. She acknowledge him quickly as she wished to share great moments with him and from that moment on a a special vibration had invaded their lives. The feast was excellent: loving and comforting. They ended the night sitting on a bench looking at the city and holding hands.

Slowly they embraced each other until she could feel his warm body on hers. She felt passion and love and they kissed passionatelyas she kissed him more hotly and pushed into his body. Wow! She had never been kissed like this before, she felt frail and thrilled at the same time. Then Jacob held her hands and comforted her.

He explained calmly that age wasn’t just about different lives and varied skills there were also physical differences and he was no longer able to give her what she needed to be sexually satisfied. He was so unhappy that she almost laughed. “Don’t you know generic Viagra or generic Cialis?” she askedsmiling warmly at him.

He said “no”, looking surprisingly. She clarified that her aunt’s husband had experienced a similar fate when he had reached 65 and that previously they kissed each other all the time, embarrassing friends with their behaviour in public. Eager to get a solution, they had took generic cialis and recuperated their love life almost immediately. “It assist you to be passionate when you required to be,” she said shyly “I could get you some – I don’t want to allow a problem to be a barrier for our love!” he looked astonished – and she wasn’t certain if it was talk of generic cialisor love that had unnerved him. Thankfully he was the gentleman she thought he was and he swung her in the air, kissing her hands. “ Clever lady! Don’t waste our love!" They looked for a nice place and stopping several times for a kiss on the way.

Young love? Old Love? There is always a way!.

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