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Nicotine Wont Let You Quit Smoking

Does nicotine have it's grasp on you? Most everyone knows this highly addictive substance is found in tobacco, but surprisingly it is found in many other common vegetables such as tomatos or califlower found on your well balanced dinner plate. And while it's not illegal, it is considered to be as addictive as heroine and cocaine. Excessive nicotine can leech on to you both physically and mentally.

Smokers are at an impasse because they face both the psychological and physical issues. Fighting anything of this nature can be a challenge for anyone. While nicotine alone is not considered a carcinogen, smoking allows it to be carried deep into the lungs for immediate gratification to the addiction. It is instantly released into the bloodstream and almost instantly available to every part of the body to affect internal health.

From the blood vessels and brain to the heart and hormones - nicotine has an effect on all. And one of the most obvious things it affects is the metabolism, giving anyone trying to lose weight and stop smoking at the same time a mountain to climb that looks more like an impossible smooth wall to scale. Endorphins can elevate your mood quite the same way nicotine does. But coming down from nicotine is not as natural. A tolerance is built up, and to maintain a normal feeling a person needs to smoke a consistent amount. A gradual reduction over time can trick the body from having an immediate melt down.

Trying to quit cold turkey, you'll find that nicotine will reside in the body as long as four to five days. An immediate halt of your nicotine consumption will cause symptoms of withdrawal, which can leave great physical and mental obstacles to overcome. The physical part of the addiction will give symptoms such as insomnia, nausea, and irregular nerves. Mental instability can be obvious to collegues of the person who is trying to quit smoking via signs of anger, irritability, and even depression. Out of despair, smokers will resort back to cigarettes knowing the immediate return of nicotine back to their system will resume feelings of tranquility.

Those able to avoid taking a cigarette can still feel withdrawal symptoms for weeks. The level of the nicotine addiction will play a role in how long fall out lasts. Eventually, nicotine will lose it's hold and the physical addiction will end.

Smoking cessation aids can speed up the process, leaving the rituals of the smoker to be the last barrier.

Discover how Jill Carpenter, a cigarette smoker of 19 years kicked the tobacco habit. Visit http://electronicigarette.net for free tips and resources. You'll find everything you need to help you make an informed decision if e-smoking is right for you or your loved one.

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