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The Fact and Fiction of Cholesterol

For years we've been told of the necessity to watch our cholesterol levels. Yet despite the hype of the media and the medical establishment there is little evidence that cholesterol alone helps to prevent stroke and hear attacks. 40 million Americans take statin drugs but are unaware that they are not protected against future heart attacks. Yet this has not reduced the number of people who continue to die from heart attacks and stroke every year even though many have normal cholesterol levels at the time of death. There's a lot more than keeping a normal cholesterol level with statins alone.

Of course cholesterol is a major focus simply because it is profitable for the manufacturers who produce the drugs. Whether you believe it or not, a high cholesterol level is not very reliable in predicting a forthcoming heart attack. Statins are mostly ineffective, expensive and have serious side effects that cancel out any benefits they offer. True, they do lower cholesterol with the aim of reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. They benefit a limited number of people, principally those who have high levels of cholesterol.

Statins suppress the activity of an enzyme in the liver that is involved in the production of cholesterol. Even if you manage to lower your cholesterol levels significantly, your liver would only create more of it! Statins are notorious inn robbing your heart of CoQ10, a major factor that aids the heart in its beating function and in the metabolic process that energizes the cells. If you don't supplement with CoQ10 you will likely suffer from muscle pain, fatigue and ultimately heart failure! Constant use of statins have led to memory loss, suicidal behavior, mood swings and neurological disorders. The brain needs cholesterol in order to function. Liver, digestive problems, congestive heart failure and complete muscle breakdown are yet other symptoms of statin overuse. Some studies have indicated that statins are even linked to cancer.

Inflammation is the primary cause of heart disease. Your homocysteine levels and high C-reactive proteins are better markers that predict a future heart attack. Methionine, an amino acid found in all animal and vegetable protein breaks down into homocysteine through the digestive process. Without the presence of helper nutrients homocysteine levels rise to dangerous levels. It promotes the growth of smooth muscle cells just below the inner wall of arteries that creates a bulge in the artery.

It's on this bulge that cholesterol, calcium and other blood products stick to and accumulate over time. It's these blood traps that ultimately lead to impotence, poor memory, heart attacks and death. The aretery walls in baboons have been destroyed due to high homocysteine levels. Supplementation with B-6, B-12 and folic acid helps in reducing your homocysteine levels. If you are fixated on lowering your cholesterol then you should take fish oil supplements and CoQ10. Fish oil improves blood flow, discourages clotting and normalizes heart rhythms.

Magnesium, another nutrient, relaxes the artery walls and lowers blood pressure and helps to prevent arrhythmias. Taking vitamins C and E help fight free radical damage. So why don't you get tested for homocysteine? Simple, there's no drug on the market to treat high levels. Rest assured that as soon as a drug is marketed, you'll hear the great need for testing from the medical establishment and the media about having both your cholesterol and homocysteine checked.

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