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Understanding more about Brain Cancer

The term brain cancer refers to any of a variety of tumours affecting different brain cell types. Depending on the location and cell type, brain cancers may progress rapidly or slowly over a period of many years. The studies are examining the effects of high-dose chemotherapy with bone marrow reconstitution for patients with recurrent germ cell tumors; and chemotherapy for patients with newly diagnosed germ cell tumors of the central nervous system.

At NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell, radio-labeled monoclonal antibodies are being used in a study for children with disseminated malignancies of the central nervous system. That distant region, called the 3-prime non-translated region, drives how the virus transmits its genetic instructions inside the host cell. Gromeier's data suggest that -- in cancer cells -- the rhinovirus IRES and the 3-prime communicate via a set of proteins, called co-factors, which ignite the IRES to begin functioning. The diagnosis includes identifying whether the tumor is benign or malignant , the type of brain tumor , and the tumor grade , or the extent to which the cells have mutated and invaded nearby brain tissue. An accurate diagnosis is critical for determining optimal treatment. And those cells are more vulnerable to developing cancer from an injury or other types of problems.

We know from laboratory animals, for example, that, you know, the most effective way of inducing a tumor is to induce it in a young developing embryo, in a young developing animal. The investigators first tested this nanoparticle construct in glioma cells growing in culture, showing that the nanoparticle was internalized rapidly. More importantly, the nanoparticles ended up in the cells? cytoplasm rather than remaining confined within uptake vesicles known as endosomes. All malignant tumors are life threatening because they are aggressive in nature. A non-malignant primary brain tumor is only life threatening when it compromises a vital structure such as an artery. Not all brain tumors cause symptoms, and some (such as tumors of the pituitary gland) are found mainly after death.

The symptoms of brain tumors are numerous and not specific to brain tumors, meaning they can be caused by many other illnesses as well. Patrick Wen, a brain cancer specialist at Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, says the outlook for patients with gliomas can vary greatly depending on the type of malignancy. Patients with grade IV glioblastoma generally survive about 15 months, Wen says, compared to two to four years for patients with the less-common grade III anaplastic glioma. The institutions are also looking at gene markers to help determine which patients will best benefit from certain chemotherapy. The patients' tumor cell material is combined with the dendritic cells to form the vaccine. When this happens cells divide too often and without any order.

The extra cells form a mass of tissue called a tumor. In order to qualify for the study, patients had to meet several criteria. Their tumors must have been mostly removed through surgery, and they must have already completed standard radiation treatment for GBM. Although traditional non-STI treatments -- such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy -- offer a five-year survival rate in almost four out of five children, such therapies often provoke severe side effects such as movement disorders and cognitive impairments. Those treatments are also far less effective among children under the age of 3 or among those whose disease has spread.

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