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What Are The Causes Of Breast Cancer

How exactly breast cancer develops is still very uncertain, but there are classic signs that point to its development. Some signs, also known as risk factors, can be found in almost everyone, and having some or all of them does not ensure the possibility of developing the disease. Just by judging by these signs, one can never really know if the cancer can develop, and they should never be the only yardstick in formulating your chances of getting breast cancer. Just like there are way too many factors in determining your risk of getting a car accident if you sit in a car, so many factors play a role in causing breast cancer that an exact cause is very tricky to blame.

A statistical and empirical fact is that, with age, the chances of getting the cancer increase. This is a very vital piece of information and can not be discarded. Statistics also show that your risk of getting breast cancer go up if your immediate family has a history of breast cancer, and thus scientists argue that breast cancer can be genetically transmitted, or is hereditary. Unanimously, no one agreed race plays a role here, but individual studies say contrasting things. Statistics show women who bear children late in life have a higher risk factor, but it's also true that they're older. Some men do get breast cancer, though their number is very low compared to the female victims.

A hot research topic is trying to determine whether contraceptive and preventive birth control measures increase the risk factor for breast cancer. This topic has been a favorite debating topic among researchers, but nothing can be said about it until more conclusive researches are done. Alcohol is said to increase the risks considerably, but as it goes, alcohol can increase the risks for any type of cancer. Cutting down the number of alcoholic beverages you consume is a good idea, and if your risk factor is high, total abstinence from alcohol helps. That is the same for people who become obese, or who have weight problems all of their lives.

It increases health problems in many different areas, breast cancer being one of them. And again, you can help fight that by doing a little bit of exercise a few times of week. Prevention is the key to beating this. As stated above, there are so many different causes for getting breast cancer; it is hard to pinpoint the exact one that will cause it in every case.

As more research goes on however, we may be able to find that one key, and if we are able to do that, then we can help even more people prevent themselves from developing it, and beating it quicker. Causes for developing breast cancer are innumerable, and very variable, and pinning down one of them to be the major cause is not possible. However, with research revealing new facts, the one major cause can be discovered, and then, prevention can cut down a high percentage of developing the disease, diagnosis will be better, and cure, faster.

Find out the reason for the causes of breast cancer. Early detection of the tumor increases your chances with traditional and alternative breast cancer treatments

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