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Your Weight Loss and Everybody Elses

Most people that want to lose weight often start using methods or products which have worked for others in the hope that they will end up with the same results. This can come in the form of word of mouth from friends or family, or it can come from advertising methods that companies use to promote their products. I'm talking about ads that tell you that this person used this product and lost X amount of pounds over a certain period of time.

The problem is that just because a weight loss method or weight loss product worked for someone else, doesn't mean that it is going to work for you. The stats show that just 9% of people who diet actually manage to lose any real weight. Advertisers will use the success of the 9% to try to sell you their products, and for obvious reasons they fail to mention all the people that have failed to lose weight through their products or methods. They absolve themselves by adding words like 'may' or 'could' help you lose weight to their products.These words don't actually mean anything.

I mean i 'may' or 'could' win the lottery? It may sem that we are as people,pretty much the same.However it is more complex than that,our make up can be very different from each other. So it stands to reason that just because something affects someone in a particular way it doesn't necessarily mean it is going to affect you in the exact same way. We are all individuals, not only in mind but in body as well. Many diets and weight loss products are sold as a one fix for all solutions, but our bodies are too complex for any one thing to fix everyone, and there isn't actually a quick fix for weight loss. Our metabolisms work in different ways.

Some people have over active metabolisms. People with fast metabolisms can virtually eat anything without gaining weight, and all they have to do is yawn and they drop calories. To people who have trouble losing weight this may seem to be a great situation to be in but people with fast metabolisms have their own problems. They tend to find it very difficult to increase muscle, and who doesn't want a muscular and stronger body. Some people have perfect metabolisms where they find it easy to lose weight and also easy to add muscle.

These types of people are often involved in sports and have had the good fortune to have great genetics. On the whole these types of people make everybody else envious. There are many of us who's metabolisms work at a trickle. Now these people have great difficulty in shedding weight.

Just looking at food will put a pound on them. If you fall into this group then weight loss will be more difficult but still very achievable. Weight loss is still very achievable for these people if they do the right things. Don't get despondent if you feel that you have a slow metabolism, after all it is only one factor of many that will decide if you lose weight.

There are dteps that can be taken to make your metabolism work more effectively. Exercise will boost your metabolism; another good way to increase the effectiveness of your metabolism is to eat more frequently. This means instead of eating 2 or 3 times a day, you should split your calorie intake over 5 or 6 small meals a day. Consuming calories every 3 or 4 hours will get your metabolism used to receiving calories on a regular basis. When this happens it will not need to store calories.

You could include the following variations in how you may or may not lose weight: How often you exercise and how much exercise you do. Your calorie consumption. The types of calories you eat. How much willpower and motivation you have to lose weight. How active your life is.

Give yourself many small targats that you are confident of reaching. imagining yourself as if you have already lost weight. Overcoming procrastination. Keeping a positive attitude. The good news is that all these factors can be improved to a much higher level.

The fact is that weight loss is achievable,you just need the preparation and the right knowledge. Forget about how something was successful for someone else.Learn what is going to work for you and give yourself credit that you are capable of doing this.

Always keep in mind that there is no quick fix for weight loss.

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